Child. She told

Child. She told My teacher told that to an otma nyat a performance of our class.

It mean.


It, probably, very much disappointed you.

You so waited for it.


In total because on rehearsal not which children played the fool.

It is their wine.

Mother silently listens.


She became angry, because anybody did not know the roles besides.




She told that if we podgoto we vitsya, it will give us one more chance.

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Every time

Every time It is a big mistake.

Parents, as it became clear, are very amusing.

Even what in it not trust.

Every time at seminars which we hold whether over all country, we asked serious, adult ro ditel to come into contact with playful, ridiculous, not le the py, mad child living in them and they entered.

They thought out the most charming examples of that it is possible to make to lift to itself mood and to break the child's resistance.

Sometimes my threeyearold child refuses to put on as wants that I did it for it.

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Your approach

Your approach Both of us used bikhevioralny me in the beginning toda which with our son brought to the return to results.

Your approach based on a vzaimouv zheniye and mutual understanding, gradually helped us on to luchit from the son that is necessary though we did not try to control everything that occurs.

It was such longawaited simplification!

I understood that my knowledge of model of interaction is in embryo, but I shared that, to that learned during medical practice.

Your meta dy are effective in various situation and with the different people.

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If before

If before If before children brought up in the wide family to circle where it was always possible to go to mother, the aunt or still komunibud to replace a situation and by that to avoid potentially problem situation and after all it is so important!

that presently it hardly vozmozh but.

It is very important that parents tried to create own support groups.

Than they zanima foxes, they will always have an opportunity to exchange to a vpa chatleniye to exhaust and listen to councils of others the people who endured similar difficulties.

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They make

They make I have troubles because they cannot to control me.

I told: That you have in a look?

You the only person who can to control you.

Earlier they thought, chto That the child grew the happy to control children it is work of parents and teachers, and now they know that this business children.

They make the choice.

Jannie Oberon, Project of studying of attendance and behavior, Leeds It is better to leave it for emergency in case a situation sil but it will be heated.

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