It is necessary

It is necessary It is necessary to teach the child to begin the speech with soft attack.

It is necessary to work on all these moments with the child odnovre Menno.

Decrease of height of a voice.

Because of tight muscles of shoulders and a neck the child speaks to the clamped by the voice sounding sometimes is much higher, than it would be for Voice training on imitation.

For a start you have to on to show to the child, by what voice he speaks.

For this purpose repeat for them any phrase deliberately high pitched voice.

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That complicates

That complicates I will encourage desire to follow in the way at daughters.

And if thus they combine work with the house, it is better for those.

That complicates life Other correspondents wrote to us as they coped with problems and that thought out for this purpose or as they suffered failures, had difficulties because of callousness of employers and for the reason that only one family member got paid.

Sandi and Dave Hasanam were helped by the motherinlaw: it came to London from Poulat by train, took away the child every Monday in the morning to herself home and brought back on Tuesday evening.

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If after

If after In the pronunciation try not under to cherkivat the whistling sound going after t.

On a palm a stream the exhalation has to be felt.

whom after t the correct sound will be heard with.

If after sound t not clear whistling sound will be heard, ask the child very strongly to smile having extended lips in a thread.

From it the whistling sound will sound is thinner.

Pay attention the child on that after t whistle as though whistles is heard mosquito.

If the pronunciation of a sound remains insufficiently exact, tell to the child that his mosquito whistled is thinner, because it very much a small mosquito.

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The parent

The parent What to do?

The parent keeping dependence of the child.

The parent encouraging independence.

INSTRUCTION To encourage independence Allow children to make a choice: You want to put on gray trousers today or red?

Show respect for efforts re benka: It is difficult to bank to open.

Sometimes it is possible to hook a cover a spoon.

Do not ask too many questions: As I am glad you to see.

Welcome home.

Do not hurry to answer questions: It is an interesting question.

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And in the same

And in the same Being dipped into water, a clump yushchiysya it is warmed.

Such single influences of low temperatures, for shchiyesya seconds, conduct to high degree of a hardening.

And in the same time is absent opportunity to overcool that is very important for not tempered people.

And frequent I temper systematic influences of the shortterm shchy factors lead to emergence of protective reaction which has to constantly to be supported.

Beginning bathing, it is necessary to enter quickly water, to moisten with water a face and breast.

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