Without Exercise is called sliding on a breast with the movement of feet kro Lem.

In the subsequent this exercise repeats on each occupation.




of Fig.

The same, as exercise , but hands are extended along a trunk.

Without assistance, having made a start from a bottom feet, to the child to lay down on a back, to extend hands along a trunk.

At the end of sliding you make look fat the alternate movements by feet the child has to see how feet of his feet make foam water.

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If you do not manage

If you do not manage If in recommendations it is not told that the syllable is formed on to imitation, when pronouncing syllables with the again put sounds use pictures see page .




IT IS SCARLET ABOUT pass to formation of syllables with use of pictures.

If you do not manage to deliver to the child any sound one in the way even if it is specified how the best for your case, be not afflicted and use other ways of statement.

With similar problems also skilled experts face.

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At them

At them Later I noticed that it is necessary for some parents it is more than time to master the program.

At them so it is not enough time, they want to receive prompt replies.

Also, perhaps, they are influenced by the widespread opinion on that if they will not be rigid orders Wai, slapping children to calm down them, they will not be to carry out the task, will not be responsible give rise tel.

But as soon as they begin really to apply your approach, see how it works and as in the final result children become more sympathetic, they light up this program.

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D to phonetic

D to phonetic / The child should put such sounds, because them wrong pronouncing will become more noticeable with age, kog execution of others.

d to phonetic system of a lay lyusiia proizno sheniye of sounds are as if adjusted to each other from the point of view of the greatest convenience of switching of speech bodies from a sound on sound.

For this reason defective pronunciation of any sound it becomes frequent more distinguishable in words at it vzaimo action with other consonants.

Therefore at emergence of doubts, check, how the child proiz carries a sound in words with confluences when some sounds go in a row consonants for example, for a sound sh a chestnut, cachenez, punch, mouthpiece.

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Age: about

Age: about These categories are known to the child on To gold material from beads.

To learn, in what sequence there are tens, hundreds and one thousand.

Drawing up and reading numbers.

To learn how value of figure depends on its position in number.

Age: about five years.

How to work with material.

The teacher displays cards on a carpet in the correct order.

In the right top corner there is a card , under it all cards with numbers Tens, then hundreds, then one thousand are more to the left displayed at first.

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