To prevent

To prevent Trying to rise on a bottom and without having found a support under feet, the child can be frightened.

To prevent emergence of fear, you helped it, under derzhivy any minute, and today teach him independently vsta to vat on a bottom.



To rise on a bottom from a prone position not of a breast, it is necessary sgruppiro to vatsya i.


to tighten the feet bent in knees to a breast, to lift up the head, and hands to press on water down.

After that feet become straight in the direction down are also put on a bottom.

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Sounds can be said

Sounds can be said Sounds can be said in a lateral way.

Air stream with sobbing passes between one of cheeks and radical Fig.

Ways of statement I, III, IV.

The back part of language can rise to a firm nb, then air passes on the crack created there.

The sound sh sounds as the vague hissing sound at the same time reminding x.

The sound reminds the South Russian or Ukrainian sound of .

In exceptional cases the hissing can be replaced with these sounds completely.

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The same

The same To become the child on depth on a belt, to take water palms and to wash to itself a face, the head, a back and shoulders.

To splash water in a child's face.


To take the child by both hands, and he, squatting, plunges into water to chin, to eyes, completely.

The same but to hold the child by one hand.

The same, but the child holds hands behind the back.

To the child completely to plunge into water with a breath delay on with exercise needs to be carried out, holding hands training or support, counteracting the pushingout force which arises the benefit giving to a breath delay on a breath.

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All skills, about

All skills, about Pozd We learn to interact it you will find in the book ways to help the child to look at itself with a big positive.

At the same time there will be a transition period when it can belong to to new approach of parents with suspicion and even vrazh debnost.

However do not allow negative attitude to Cherie to bring you into despondency.

All skills, about which you read ways to show to other person the respect.

Most of people finally otkl repent on it.

I use humour in communication with the son.

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Vol. P. November. This

Vol. P. November. This September, Article is guided by the large report of national researches.


Collishow, V.

OF MAUGHAN, TO Goodman, A.


Time trends in Adolescent Mental Health//Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.




This comprehensive report supported in the different countries foretells, proceeding from current trends that by % of British will live alone.

One more growing group called people, whose marriages are on the verge of disintegration.

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