Perhaps, it is necessary

Perhaps, it is necessary Perhaps, nuzh but to sleep, or to spend night at relatives, or pogovo How to consult when it is difficult to rit with the friend and to understand in kakomto aspect of behavior re benka.

Ktolibo from relatives can assume part your parental work: to expiate the child or to lay him to sleep.

Perhaps, it is necessary to reduce the list of daily affairs or to ask for suggestions or supports.

Than you were engaged, try to find time for rest, think, tear off tes from the routine see.

Your requirements.

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Let the child

Let the child It is perceived in bayonets.

It is much better, if the child will actively participate in the already occurring: Kai good game and for whom to me to play?

It assumes that the child accepts rules of the game and is admitted to the company.

Rodya the telsky help in development of such skills can have chorus shy result.

Let the child learns to think independently.

Prodemon to striruyta to the child that his opinion matters, as in Ob cheniya see.

Encouragement of questions, and in a house zhiz see.

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To express

To express Without it we are not capable to be improved.

John Bristou, the psychologist and psikhoterapevt That the child grew the happy Remember that open expression of feelings will help yours re benka.

To express own feelings.

Instead of boiling and an ist Ric the child will get confidence and will expand the dictionary stock to speak about the feelings, to recognize and to respect feelings of other people when he chtoto speaks or does.

We have to be able to accept feelings and all possible ways of their expression.

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If the care

If the care It also Means the principle children from heavens.

If the care induces to interfere with the child's life, to be interested in its events, to influence it, proyavlek the scientific research institute of parental love in the form of trust on the relation ^ to boys induces to give to children a freedom of action and a certain space for development.

It opens a secret of Vedic psychology, pedagogics: the best way for the father to bring up the daughter to transfer her under guardianship of a matekra, and the best way of mother to bring up the son to entrust his education to the father.

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They not have

They not have As a result when swimming on a back knees are tightened to a trunk and strongly act from water.

They not have to appear over water.

Over water only fingertips are visible, making foam water.

At the movements of feet in swimming on a breast the strong bending in knee joints leads to that over water rise shins and when performing labor movements by feet beat on water from above.

Such technology of the movements of feet does not provide advance of a body forward.

It is possible to correct an error repeated instructions: not to bend a foot in knees.

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