These are small, but essential

These are small, but essential These are small, but essential steps.

If majority parents could be recognized, as their own mood Effective discipline influences risk that they will hit the child, number of children, under vergayushchikhsya to physical punishments, even more decreased .

It does not mean that we have to deny the despair or it is important to children to know anger when they go too far but rather we need to learn to express our feelings mi in the ways which are effective and potentially are not harmful for our children see.

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Perhaps, it will

Perhaps, it will To a shestisa mi to years, perhaps, they will put long and difficult performances, binding the roles with roles of toys.

In any age these games will help them to develop skills of communication, to deepen their understanding of other people, and also issledovat That the child grew the happy and to express the emotions.

Perhaps, it will be useful for you vspy thread it next time when your sofa turns over also to a pra it vratitsya in the piracy ship.

Role of the parent to light imagination of the child stories, books, games, thoughts see.

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But he was mistaken. Petya

But he was mistaken. Petya The beginning wizard Ar round curtailed the invention and went after children.

He knew that in a minute at Petya again will ache tooth, and then it it will be necessary kakto to console.

But he was mistaken.

Petya ate, a sma yalsya and loudly clicked teeth, that to make laugh the friends.

Long after that Artur thought of that, why the last magic did not end in a minute.

After all he created this rug and precisely knew time of its action.

And without having found out t of joint stock company the reasons, it went to the teacher volsheb and all told stvo to it.

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TECHNOLOGY The person is lowered in water forwarddown, level passes waters at the line of hair or eyebrows.

During swimming are admissible, fluctuations of a trunk to the right and to the left rather longitudinal axis.

Nye bigger turn of a body is necessary towards a breath.

TECHNOLOGY OF THE MOVEMENT OF FEET In a crawl on a back of a foot carry out the alternate movements from below up labor movement and from top to down preparatory movement.

Carrying out labor movements, the swimmer raises a hip up to that time, so far the knee will not appear at the water surface, but not over poverkhno Stew fig.

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Voice training

Voice training It can turn out at it only after muscular clips, therefore exercises will be got rid on voice training needs to do after exercises on dropping clips.

When in usual communication the child is to raise the voice, speak to it about it and remind about it the intense raised shoulders.

Depression of voice automatically leads to restoration breath, it stops being the clavicular.

Voice training through a vzhivaniye at image.

Perception and mysh leniye of children of younger age the exclusively figurative.

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