I pretend

I pretend When it has such mood, I put on to it lower linen on the head, and socks on hands.

It, naturally, says to me that I all do incorrectly, and puts on linen on a body, and socks on feet.

Then he speaks to me: Mummy, here is how it is necessary.

I pretend that is very surprised, and I try to put on trousers to it on hands, and a shirt on feet.

Game always for it kanchivatsya by laughter and embraces.

Conclusion To force my son to brush teeth, we at thought microbes to Dzheraldin and Joe, which prya chutsyanutsya.

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To lift

To lift He so long swam in the sea that all already forgot his name and called him simply Captain.

To lift yakarr!

To leave in the sea!

prokarkat behind it it loyal friend, gray raven by nickname Pirate.

He was nicknamed so for the big black spot round an eye, similar on piracy bandage.

Is, the captain!

cried ho rum Sail, Anchor, Steering wheel and Network.

And the Ship went to the big ocean.

The captain looked at the card, looked on the compass, and moistened then a finger and lifted it up, to learn, the wind from where blows.

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The principal

The principal The principal speech organ is language fig.


It is divided on lobby , average , back parts, root of language and it tip .

A middle part of language still call it a back.

General information on logopedics Fig.


correct bite close teeth the close have to be molars have the following appearance: the top cutters are slightly ahead of lower, to some extent covering them fig.




Behind the top cutters there are two acting ridge a hillock with a depression in the ground between them they are called alveoluses please, remember this word, as it will often meet in instructions on formation pronunciations.

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This rule

This rule The exception can be allowed only when the child does not utter a large number of sounds, and to pick up for it suitable words very difficult.

This rule does not belong to to pronunciation of offers.

At the beginning, in words should not come across that sound, NOT which earlier the child replaced the put sound for example if the sound r was said as l, it is impossible to use words, I which both of these sounds are present at the same time: roll, coral etc.


At the beginning of work on any sound in words should not a wind to chatsya other sounds relating to the same group.

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If to the child

If to the child And children with more the balanced representation understand better that lich but they are not guilty of it.

I noticed that many parents, persons interested only it is kind, badly raise the children.

If to the child inspire that the world of adults is fair, it it will be disappointed.

Some adults cannot to reconcile to it.

Only present, as far as How to stimulate good behavior the world of business is unfriendly and to it it is necessary to be the ready.

We should cease to pretend to be that the world this ideal, fantastic place, and instead to represent it as a place interesting where it is possible to learn new and to meet face to face with the probl to mother it is so courageous as far as it is possible.

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