The impression

The impression Communication.

Ability to communicate with the positive the parties too helps see.

Aggressive or positive, and at least of one close friend more than bypass presence mo see.


The impression is made that children begin at first with weaker methods, as if checking armor zhert you: for example, think out an offensive nickname and look, what reaction will follow.

If your family brought up you with thought that you chtoto mean and do not deserve, that so treated you, Shang is much bigger owls that you will find that to oppose to the offender.

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Einstein These qualities are formed in the childhood, and they are already obvious at elementary school.

The science shows that emotions when they work as have to without drilling problems, and essential assistants for our intelligence.

Emotions grow from feelings, and poeto that will tell us something important, proceeding from some hints, how the logic can join.

Einstein described such emotional feeling which prompted to it where to look for the decision.

And the majority of us tested something similar.

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Strengthening Here the understanding of, how is useful tiny children communicate see.

Communication with the baby.

As the child becomes less dependent from ma Teri, the role of the father can increase in daily leaving and vosp Tania.

Strengthening and development of communication between the father and the child for hangs from that, what is the time and efforts the father puts in it, and the last depend in big degree on circumstances and hour tichno from a choice see below Fathers in a condition of a stress.

But lyu fight the careful father knows that than he will pay more attention to education, the more child will affect his life, and he itself on the present and the future of the child.

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And there

And there The growing independence.

Than earlier to children on more effective ways of upholding of the positions show, the physical intimidation, the will be better for all of us.

Floor and aggression Dr Michael Bulton, the children's psychologist at the Kiel university, spetsialistissledovatel of aggression, intimidation and victimization There are certificates of that ways of intimidation are various depending on a floor.

And there are a lot of certificates challenging opinion that men are more aggressive.

In what they, seemingly, from lichatsya it in aggression forms, and it is also right, as well as that, that boys are, as a rule, less thin more prikladyv yut physical forces.

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They in vain

They in vain He feels that brought them, time not really cheerfully spent time.

Do not hurry to answer questions.

In the course of a growing the child sets oshelomlya yushchy quantity of questions: What such rainbow?

Why the child cannot return there, from where was born?

Why people cannot do only what want?

You should go to university?

Such questions often nonplus parents, and they start looking for the prompt and suitable reply in the head.

They in vain so strain.

Usually when the child sets the question, it thought over the answer already a little.

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