In this

In this Women, for example, know that feeling pleasures, confidence, tranquillity, securities they test when men, their husbands, in advance in detail tell and describe them that will occur during the next few hours, days and, maybe, even months.

In this sense of the man who are able very correctly, strategically consistently to plan appointment, achieve bigger success and a bigger arrangement from women.

For children a factor of planning, creation of the accurate program of that that will occur soon, creates a certain internal comfort which allows them to feel desire to cooperate with parents.

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At first

At first I noticed that three next decades need for a day nursery where small children would be all working day, drama increased in many countries of the world.

Besides, I personally attended day nursery and kindergartens and very attentively studied life of children in them, and also working conditions and feelings of the personnel.

At first I too believed in ideal purpose of a day nursery to give to women fuller life.

As well as most of people, I did not ask a question of a role of men.

But than more I penetrated into the valid state of affairs in kindergartens and a day nursery, the more I communicated with parents and tutors, the more often I was expected by awful disappointment.

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The child

The child __ _________ The previous exercise needs to be carried out as follows: the child has to enclose under the hand lying on a table right or left hand.

The child has to take the right hand himself for the left right ear.

It exercise is carried out also by other hand.

The child has to to put hands behind the back so that a brush of the right hand the back the party of a palm was lying on a brush left and vice versa.

The child has to move a thumb of the right hand, then same finger of the left.

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On the other

On the other Process of training of the child can upset us.

However in the beginning it is necessary to attach special significance that mu that training this education.

Training it, on to being, the adjustable management which helps to people to develop internal selfchecking and a rezult tivnost.

If it works, demands a mutual uv zheniye and trust.

On the other hand, punishment demands external control over the person by application forces and coercions.

The one who punishes, seldom an uv zhat the one whom punishes, and seldom trusts it Arguments against flogging, Brian Dzh.

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The child

The child The child has to understand that units of one category correspond to one unit of the following, higher category.

He attaches to it other bead and speaks: Two units!

So it continues to those time until beads lie in a row.

He speaks: Instead of units we put ten!

Separate beads are replaced with ten.

In the same way of tens make one hundred, and of hundred one thousand; to display beads, the tray on which lie on separate beads, cores from beads is necessary and squares from beads, and also cube from beads.

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