And there

And there The growing independence.

Than earlier to children on more effective ways of upholding of the positions show, the physical intimidation, the will be better for all of us.

Floor and aggression Dr Michael Bulton, the children's psychologist at the Kiel university, spetsialistissledovatel of aggression, intimidation and victimization There are certificates of that ways of intimidation are various depending on a floor.

And there are a lot of certificates challenging opinion that men are more aggressive.

In what they, seemingly, from lichatsya it in aggression forms, and it is also right, as well as that, that boys are, as a rule, less thin more prikladyv yut physical forces.

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They in vain

They in vain He feels that brought them, time not really cheerfully spent time.

Do not hurry to answer questions.

In the course of a growing the child sets oshelomlya yushchy quantity of questions: What such rainbow?

Why the child cannot return there, from where was born?

Why people cannot do only what want?

You should go to university?

Such questions often nonplus parents, and they start looking for the prompt and suitable reply in the head.

They in vain so strain.

Usually when the child sets the question, it thought over the answer already a little.

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In this

In this Women, for example, know that feeling pleasures, confidence, tranquillity, securities they test when men, their husbands, in advance in detail tell and describe them that will occur during the next few hours, days and, maybe, even months.

In this sense of the man who are able very correctly, strategically consistently to plan appointment, achieve bigger success and a bigger arrangement from women.

For children a factor of planning, creation of the accurate program of that that will occur soon, creates a certain internal comfort which allows them to feel desire to cooperate with parents.

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