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Child. She told

Every time

It is a big mistake.Parents, as it became clear, are very amusing.Even what in it not trust.Every time at seminars which we hold whether over all country, we asked serious, adult ro ditel to come into contact with playful, ridiculous, not le the py, mad child living in them and they entered.They thought out the most charming examples of that it is possible to make to lift to itself mood and to break the child's resistance.Sometimes my threeyearold child refuses to put on as wants that I did it for it.

Your approach

Both of us used bikhevioralny me in the beginning toda which with our son brought to the return to results.Your approach based on a vzaimouv zheniye and mutual understanding, gradually helped us on to luchit from the son that is necessary though we did not try to control everything that occurs.It was such longawaited simplification!I understood that my knowledge of model of interaction is in embryo, but I shared that, to that learned during medical practice.Your meta dy are effective in various situation and with the different people.

If before

If before children brought up in the wide family to circle where it was always possible to go to mother, the aunt or still komunibud to replace a situation and by that to avoid potentially problem situation and after all it is so important!that presently it hardly vozmozh but.It is very important that parents tried to create own support groups.Than they zanima foxes, they will always have an opportunity to exchange to a vpa chatleniye to exhaust and listen to councils of others the people who endured similar difficulties.

They make

I have troubles because they cannot to control me.I told: That you have in a look?You the only person who can to control you.Earlier they thought, chto That the child grew the happy to control children it is work of parents and teachers, and now they know that this business children.They make the choice.Jannie Oberon, Project of studying of attendance and behavior, Leeds It is better to leave it for emergency in case a situation sil but it will be heated.

In most cases

To the child will demand sya you find an explanation of what behavior accepted, and what is not present.In most cases children can catch it in about shchy lines, since age when learn to go.Give to statochno time to explanations of that, for example, what to be angry it is normal, and to hurt no.Or: you understand, why he is disappointed, but from shout it is easier for none of you not hundred no, therefore it is better to talk quietly.Respect for feelings of children does not demand from you connivances to them.

The mistake

Repeated nonperformance of exercise speaks about that the child still is afraid to lower the person in water.The mistake will disappear vmes those with disappearance of fear of water.Let's pass to studying new, rather difficult for the child exercises an exhalation in water.It is best of all to begin studying of an exhalation with game.Lower a plastic toy on water and blow on it so that it moved to the coast.Exercise is repeated by the child.Game.Floating mine.


The truth about drinks.Reba can quite reconstruct children's appetite so that NOC got used to eat in certain time if to do it a post penno within three and more weeks.Therefore if your child has a bite, but does not wish to have dinner, it is possible gradually a sokra to shchat quantity of food between meals.To small children who still drink a lot of milk, to the sla blows to give it less that it was simpler to them to pass on firm food to children at the age of five years is also younger to a rekomend yut to give halfliter a day.

The third, typical

The second sign aspiration to manage not really high purposes, to establish not really high standards in the life to reduce risk or, at least, painful consequences of commission of a mistake to a minimum.The third, typical type of behavior of children who have no this license for mistakes is a tendency to be protected, take a defensive position, to opravkdyvat the mistakes or to accuse other people, to look for some objective or subjective circumstances which would justify their offense.And the fourth sign, actually psychological reaction understating of a selfassessment and selfpunishment, tendency to punish itself.

You even

If you discuss together that such ho the roshy friend, it can push him to revision of the behavior.You even can draw the picture or make the list of those lines which are pleasant in friends to it, and the devil, a cat the ry are important in it for his friends.It is necessary to listen to feelings of children, not a throwout being howled from them, and not to propose straight off the solutions.Let they will tell you that occurs.Even small children have a huge number decisions for the problems if to give them vozmozh the nost to think: It really is bad for example, the best friend refuses to play together, as you you think, what it is necessary to make?

It is necessary

It is necessary to teach the child to begin the speech with soft attack.It is necessary to work on all these moments with the child odnovre Menno.Decrease of height of a voice.Because of tight muscles of shoulders and a neck the child speaks to the clamped by the voice sounding sometimes is much higher, than it would be for Voice training on imitation.For a start you have to on to show to the child, by what voice he speaks.For this purpose repeat for them any phrase deliberately high pitched voice.

That complicates

I will encourage desire to follow in the way at daughters.And if thus they combine work with the house, it is better for those.That complicates life Other correspondents wrote to us as they coped with problems and that thought out for this purpose or as they suffered failures, had difficulties because of callousness of employers and for the reason that only one family member got paid.Sandi and Dave Hasanam were helped by the motherinlaw: it came to London from Poulat by train, took away the child every Monday in the morning to herself home and brought back on Tuesday evening.

If after

In the pronunciation try not under to cherkivat the whistling sound going after t.On a palm a stream the exhalation has to be felt.whom after t the correct sound will be heard with.If after sound t not clear whistling sound will be heard, ask the child very strongly to smile having extended lips in a thread.From it the whistling sound will sound is thinner.Pay attention the child on that after t whistle as though whistles is heard mosquito.If the pronunciation of a sound remains insufficiently exact, tell to the child that his mosquito whistled is thinner, because it very much a small mosquito.

The parent

What to do?The parent keeping dependence of the child.The parent encouraging independence.INSTRUCTION To encourage independence Allow children to make a choice: You want to put on gray trousers today or red?Show respect for efforts re benka: It is difficult to bank to open.Sometimes it is possible to hook a cover a spoon.Do not ask too many questions: As I am glad you to see.Welcome home.Do not hurry to answer questions: It is an interesting question.

And in the same

Being dipped into water, a clump yushchiysya it is warmed.Such single influences of low temperatures, for shchiyesya seconds, conduct to high degree of a hardening.And in the same time is absent opportunity to overcool that is very important for not tempered people.And frequent I temper systematic influences of the shortterm shchy factors lead to emergence of protective reaction which has to constantly to be supported.Beginning bathing, it is necessary to enter quickly water, to moisten with water a face and breast.


Exercise is called sliding on a breast with the movement of feet kro Lem.In the subsequent this exercise repeats on each occupation.Fig.Fig.Fig.of Fig.The same, as exercise , but hands are extended along a trunk.Without assistance, having made a start from a bottom feet, to the child to lay down on a back, to extend hands along a trunk.At the end of sliding you make look fat the alternate movements by feet the child has to see how feet of his feet make foam water.

If you do not manage

If in recommendations it is not told that the syllable is formed on to imitation, when pronouncing syllables with the again put sounds use pictures see page ....IT IS SCARLET ABOUT pass to formation of syllables with use of pictures.If you do not manage to deliver to the child any sound one in the way even if it is specified how the best for your case, be not afflicted and use other ways of statement.With similar problems also skilled experts face.

At them

Later I noticed that it is necessary for some parents it is more than time to master the program.At them so it is not enough time, they want to receive prompt replies.Also, perhaps, they are influenced by the widespread opinion on that if they will not be rigid orders Wai, slapping children to calm down them, they will not be to carry out the task, will not be responsible give rise tel.But as soon as they begin really to apply your approach, see how it works and as in the final result children become more sympathetic, they light up this program.

D to phonetic

/ The child should put such sounds, because them wrong pronouncing will become more noticeable with age, kog execution of others.d to phonetic system of a lay lyusiia proizno sheniye of sounds are as if adjusted to each other from the point of view of the greatest convenience of switching of speech bodies from a sound on sound.For this reason defective pronunciation of any sound it becomes frequent more distinguishable in words at it vzaimo action with other consonants.Therefore at emergence of doubts, check, how the child proiz carries a sound in words with confluences when some sounds go in a row consonants for example, for a sound sh a chestnut, cachenez, punch, mouthpiece.

Age: about

These categories are known to the child on To gold material from beads.To learn, in what sequence there are tens, hundreds and one thousand.Drawing up and reading numbers.To learn how value of figure depends on its position in number.Age: about five years.How to work with material.The teacher displays cards on a carpet in the correct order.In the right top corner there is a card , under it all cards with numbers Tens, then hundreds, then one thousand are more to the left displayed at first.

To prevent

Trying to rise on a bottom and without having found a support under feet, the child can be frightened.To prevent emergence of fear, you helped it, under derzhivy any minute, and today teach him independently vsta to vat on a bottom.Fig.Fig.To rise on a bottom from a prone position not of a breast, it is necessary sgruppiro to vatsya i.e.to tighten the feet bent in knees to a breast, to lift up the head, and hands to press on water down.After that feet become straight in the direction down are also put on a bottom.

Sounds can be said

Sounds can be said in a lateral way.Air stream with sobbing passes between one of cheeks and radical Fig.Ways of statement I, III, IV.The back part of language can rise to a firm nb, then air passes on the crack created there.The sound sh sounds as the vague hissing sound at the same time reminding x.The sound reminds the South Russian or Ukrainian sound of .In exceptional cases the hissing can be replaced with these sounds completely.

The same

To become the child on depth on a belt, to take water palms and to wash to itself a face, the head, a back and shoulders.To splash water in a child's face.Fig.To take the child by both hands, and he, squatting, plunges into water to chin, to eyes, completely.The same but to hold the child by one hand.The same, but the child holds hands behind the back.To the child completely to plunge into water with a breath delay on with exercise needs to be carried out, holding hands training or support, counteracting the pushingout force which arises the benefit giving to a breath delay on a breath.

All skills, about

Pozd We learn to interact it you will find in the book ways to help the child to look at itself with a big positive.At the same time there will be a transition period when it can belong to to new approach of parents with suspicion and even vrazh debnost.However do not allow negative attitude to Cherie to bring you into despondency.All skills, about which you read ways to show to other person the respect.Most of people finally otkl repent on it.I use humour in communication with the son.

Vol. P. November. This

Perhaps, it is necessary

Perhaps, nuzh but to sleep, or to spend night at relatives, or pogovo How to consult when it is difficult to rit with the friend and to understand in kakomto aspect of behavior re benka.Ktolibo from relatives can assume part your parental work: to expiate the child or to lay him to sleep.Perhaps, it is necessary to reduce the list of daily affairs or to ask for suggestions or supports.Than you were engaged, try to find time for rest, think, tear off tes from the routine see.Your requirements.

Let the child

It is perceived in bayonets.It is much better, if the child will actively participate in the already occurring: Kai good game and for whom to me to play?It assumes that the child accepts rules of the game and is admitted to the company.Rodya the telsky help in development of such skills can have chorus shy result.Let the child learns to think independently.Prodemon to striruyta to the child that his opinion matters, as in Ob cheniya see.Encouragement of questions, and in a house zhiz see.

To express

Without it we are not capable to be improved.John Bristou, the psychologist and psikhoterapevt That the child grew the happy Remember that open expression of feelings will help yours re benka.To express own feelings.Instead of boiling and an ist Ric the child will get confidence and will expand the dictionary stock to speak about the feelings, to recognize and to respect feelings of other people when he chtoto speaks or does.We have to be able to accept feelings and all possible ways of their expression.

If the care

It also Means the principle children from heavens.If the care induces to interfere with the child's life, to be interested in its events, to influence it, proyavlek the scientific research institute of parental love in the form of trust on the relation ^ to boys induces to give to children a freedom of action and a certain space for development.It opens a secret of Vedic psychology, pedagogics: the best way for the father to bring up the daughter to transfer her under guardianship of a matekra, and the best way of mother to bring up the son to entrust his education to the father.

They not have

As a result when swimming on a back knees are tightened to a trunk and strongly act from water.They not have to appear over water.Over water only fingertips are visible, making foam water.At the movements of feet in swimming on a breast the strong bending in knee joints leads to that over water rise shins and when performing labor movements by feet beat on water from above.Such technology of the movements of feet does not provide advance of a body forward.It is possible to correct an error repeated instructions: not to bend a foot in knees.

These are small, but essential

These are small, but essential steps.If majority parents could be recognized, as their own mood Effective discipline influences risk that they will hit the child, number of children, under vergayushchikhsya to physical punishments, even more decreased .It does not mean that we have to deny the despair or it is important to children to know anger when they go too far but rather we need to learn to express our feelings mi in the ways which are effective and potentially are not harmful for our children see.

Perhaps, it will

To a shestisa mi to years, perhaps, they will put long and difficult performances, binding the roles with roles of toys.In any age these games will help them to develop skills of communication, to deepen their understanding of other people, and also issledovat That the child grew the happy and to express the emotions.Perhaps, it will be useful for you vspy thread it next time when your sofa turns over also to a pra it vratitsya in the piracy ship.Role of the parent to light imagination of the child stories, books, games, thoughts see.

But he was mistaken. Petya


The person is lowered in water forwarddown, level passes waters at the line of hair or eyebrows.During swimming are admissible, fluctuations of a trunk to the right and to the left rather longitudinal axis.Nye bigger turn of a body is necessary towards a breath.TECHNOLOGY OF THE MOVEMENT OF FEET In a crawl on a back of a foot carry out the alternate movements from below up labor movement and from top to down preparatory movement.Carrying out labor movements, the swimmer raises a hip up to that time, so far the knee will not appear at the water surface, but not over poverkhno Stew fig.

Voice training

It can turn out at it only after muscular clips, therefore exercises will be got rid on voice training needs to do after exercises on dropping clips.When in usual communication the child is to raise the voice, speak to it about it and remind about it the intense raised shoulders.Depression of voice automatically leads to restoration breath, it stops being the clavicular.Voice training through a vzhivaniye at image.Perception and mysh leniye of children of younger age the exclusively figurative.

I pretend

When it has such mood, I put on to it lower linen on the head, and socks on hands.It, naturally, says to me that I all do incorrectly, and puts on linen on a body, and socks on feet.Then he speaks to me: Mummy, here is how it is necessary.I pretend that is very surprised, and I try to put on trousers to it on hands, and a shirt on feet.Game always for it kanchivatsya by laughter and embraces.Conclusion To force my son to brush teeth, we at thought microbes to Dzheraldin and Joe, which prya chutsyanutsya.

To lift

He so long swam in the sea that all already forgot his name and called him simply Captain.To lift yakarr!To leave in the sea!prokarkat behind it it loyal friend, gray raven by nickname Pirate.He was nicknamed so for the big black spot round an eye, similar on piracy bandage.Is, the captain!cried ho rum Sail, Anchor, Steering wheel and Network.And the Ship went to the big ocean.The captain looked at the card, looked on the compass, and moistened then a finger and lifted it up, to learn, the wind from where blows.

The principal

The principal speech organ is language fig..It is divided on lobby , average , back parts, root of language and it tip .A middle part of language still call it a back.General information on logopedics Fig.fig.correct bite close teeth the close have to be molars have the following appearance: the top cutters are slightly ahead of lower, to some extent covering them fig..H'!Fig.Behind the top cutters there are two acting ridge a hillock with a depression in the ground between them they are called alveoluses please, remember this word, as it will often meet in instructions on formation pronunciations.

This rule

The exception can be allowed only when the child does not utter a large number of sounds, and to pick up for it suitable words very difficult.This rule does not belong to to pronunciation of offers.At the beginning, in words should not come across that sound, NOT which earlier the child replaced the put sound for example if the sound r was said as l, it is impossible to use words, I which both of these sounds are present at the same time: roll, coral etc..At the beginning of work on any sound in words should not a wind to chatsya other sounds relating to the same group.

If to the child

And children with more the balanced representation understand better that lich but they are not guilty of it.I noticed that many parents, persons interested only it is kind, badly raise the children.If to the child inspire that the world of adults is fair, it it will be disappointed.Some adults cannot to reconcile to it.Only present, as far as How to stimulate good behavior the world of business is unfriendly and to it it is necessary to be the ready.We should cease to pretend to be that the world this ideal, fantastic place, and instead to represent it as a place interesting where it is possible to learn new and to meet face to face with the probl to mother it is so courageous as far as it is possible.

The impression

Communication.Ability to communicate with the positive the parties too helps see.Aggressive or positive, and at least of one close friend more than bypass presence mo see.Friends.The impression is made that children begin at first with weaker methods, as if checking armor zhert you: for example, think out an offensive nickname and look, what reaction will follow.If your family brought up you with thought that you chtoto mean and do not deserve, that so treated you, Shang is much bigger owls that you will find that to oppose to the offender.


These qualities are formed in the childhood, and they are already obvious at elementary school.The science shows that emotions when they work as have to without drilling problems, and essential assistants for our intelligence.Emotions grow from feelings, and poeto that will tell us something important, proceeding from some hints, how the logic can join.Einstein described such emotional feeling which prompted to it where to look for the decision.And the majority of us tested something similar.


Here the understanding of, how is useful tiny children communicate see.Communication with the baby.As the child becomes less dependent from ma Teri, the role of the father can increase in daily leaving and vosp Tania.Strengthening and development of communication between the father and the child for hangs from that, what is the time and efforts the father puts in it, and the last depend in big degree on circumstances and hour tichno from a choice see below Fathers in a condition of a stress.But lyu fight the careful father knows that than he will pay more attention to education, the more child will affect his life, and he itself on the present and the future of the child.

And there

The growing independence.Than earlier to children on more effective ways of upholding of the positions show, the physical intimidation, the will be better for all of us.Floor and aggression Dr Michael Bulton, the children's psychologist at the Kiel university, spetsialistissledovatel of aggression, intimidation and victimization There are certificates of that ways of intimidation are various depending on a floor.And there are a lot of certificates challenging opinion that men are more aggressive.In what they, seemingly, from lichatsya it in aggression forms, and it is also right, as well as that, that boys are, as a rule, less thin more prikladyv yut physical forces.

They in vain

He feels that brought them, time not really cheerfully spent time.Do not hurry to answer questions.In the course of a growing the child sets oshelomlya yushchy quantity of questions: What such rainbow?Why the child cannot return there, from where was born?Why people cannot do only what want?You should go to university?Such questions often nonplus parents, and they start looking for the prompt and suitable reply in the head.They in vain so strain.Usually when the child sets the question, it thought over the answer already a little.

In this

Women, for example, know that feeling pleasures, confidence, tranquillity, securities they test when men, their husbands, in advance in detail tell and describe them that will occur during the next few hours, days and, maybe, even months.In this sense of the man who are able very correctly, strategically consistently to plan appointment, achieve bigger success and a bigger arrangement from women.For children a factor of planning, creation of the accurate program of that that will occur soon, creates a certain internal comfort which allows them to feel desire to cooperate with parents.

At first

I noticed that three next decades need for a day nursery where small children would be all working day, drama increased in many countries of the world.Besides, I personally attended day nursery and kindergartens and very attentively studied life of children in them, and also working conditions and feelings of the personnel.At first I too believed in ideal purpose of a day nursery to give to women fuller life.As well as most of people, I did not ask a question of a role of men.But than more I penetrated into the valid state of affairs in kindergartens and a day nursery, the more I communicated with parents and tutors, the more often I was expected by awful disappointment.

The child

__ _________ The previous exercise needs to be carried out as follows: the child has to enclose under the hand lying on a table right or left hand.The child has to take the right hand himself for the left right ear.It exercise is carried out also by other hand.The child has to to put hands behind the back so that a brush of the right hand the back the party of a palm was lying on a brush left and vice versa.The child has to move a thumb of the right hand, then same finger of the left.

On the other

Process of training of the child can upset us.However in the beginning it is necessary to attach special significance that mu that training this education.Training it, on to being, the adjustable management which helps to people to develop internal selfchecking and a rezult tivnost.If it works, demands a mutual uv zheniye and trust.On the other hand, punishment demands external control over the person by application forces and coercions.The one who punishes, seldom an uv zhat the one whom punishes, and seldom trusts it Arguments against flogging, Brian Dzh.

The child

The child has to understand that units of one category correspond to one unit of the following, higher category.He attaches to it other bead and speaks: Two units!So it continues to those time until beads lie in a row.He speaks: Instead of units we put ten!Separate beads are replaced with ten.In the same way of tens make one hundred, and of hundred one thousand; to display beads, the tray on which lie on separate beads, cores from beads is necessary and squares from beads, and also cube from beads.

Most of mothers

They participated in leaving and would like uchast to vovat much more, but work did not allow them it.After the birth of the child of % of fathers, according to the last is followings, feel concern, % feel alone; % had a depression and % declared that to feeling yut jealousy.Most of mothers still bear the main responsibility for children, organization of care of them and performance bolshin stvo of household chores, even in those families, where both ro ditel work full time.Qualities which, according to children, are important in good ma teryakh and good fathers, are surprisingly similar, and this fact govo rit about that children do not differentiate them on signs on la, and place in a framework of the concept good parent rather.


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